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How to Use Competitive Intelligence to Improve Your PXM Strategy

Competitive intelligence is a crucial component of any pricing, promotion, and merchandising (PXM) strategy. When used properly, competitive intelligence helps managers identify changes in the marketplace in real-time, and devise strategies to stay one step ahead of the competition. By…

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Why Product Descriptions Matter in E-Commerce

Product descriptions are often overlooked as an aspect of E-Commerce, but they are an important factor for success. They give a potential customer an informative overview of a product, which in turn can influence their decision to make a purchase…

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Programmatic advertising and its potential

Programmatic advertising is a form of digital advertising that relies on automated technologies to deliver targeted ads to users. Automation allows marketers to reduce manual efforts and deliver ads more quickly, effectively and efficiently. Unlike traditional advertising methods, such as…

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Maximizing returns with ppc ad campaigns

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a popular form of advertising strategy used to drive targeted and qualified traffic to a website. Advertisers are only charged when a customer clicks on their advertisement. This makes it a great marketing tool for any business…

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