Product management

Navigating product lifecycle management

Product lifecycle management (PLM) is a comprehensive system for managing the life cycle of a product, from its conception to its post-sale evaluation. It helps companies understand the entire product development process, from market research and product design to market…

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The Rise of B2B E-Commerce: A Growing Trend in Business

At a time when the business landscape is transforming with innovative technologies and shifting customer demands, the adoption of e-commerce trends has become increasingly noteworthy. B2B e-commerce, in particular, is quickly becoming a viable and profitable business model for many…

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From Concept to Launch: Best Practices for Effective Product Management

Product Management is the process of designing, developing, and managing product offerings throughout their life cycle so they optimize value, generate profits, and meet customer needs. Effective Product Management is critical to ensure the success of a business. This article…

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Unlocking customer segmentation

Customer segmentation is an essential key to successful product lifecycle management. By understanding the needs and motivations of customers, businesses can craft meaningful relationships through targeted campaigns and product offers. For businesses to succeed, they must leverage customer segmentation strategies…

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